33 Hour Famine at Vassar
About 24 hours in

My stomach is begging me. It’d be nice if I could just sleep until the morning, but I have a paper to write. I’m not gonna die like this, am I…?


Feeling the effects, but pushing on

Energy has nearly deserted me entirely. I’m tired (and hungry, of course), and I feel a little woozy just getting up and using the bathroom. But I don’t think I’m at my limits just yet. I’m also not sure how much more work I’ll be able to get done; I managed to finish Great Expectations, but that was just reading, and reading a story at that (so, not too difficult of a read). I have another reading due tomorrow (an article) and a problem set due Friday (not started, which I regret now and probably will more come tomorrow). I may just take it easy for most of the rest of the evening, try to get that reading done, maybe think about that problem set some, and go to bed early, so I don’t have to stay awake too much. And tomorrow, I’ll be able to break the fast; I’ve got applesauce in my room, which, I believe, would be a good break-fast food (note the difference between “breakfast food” and “break-fast” food), since it’s light on the stomach. (I recommend my fellow participants to eat similarly when the time comes.)

But, in spite of the difficulties, I’m still standing tall (figuratively). I still stand (again, figuratively) with the millions of North Koreans for whom this is not an optional yearly challenge, but a mandatory daily one.

Strength, my fellow fasters! We are nearing the end!


17 hours in

I woke up from a nap about ten minutes ago. My stomach is growling for attention. I say NEIN. I try to distract myself. I don’t usually take naps, but in this case, it was a good way to pass an hour and a half. I don’t have the confidence to do any homework. There is a loitering danger that may cause me to write or read something ridiculous. This is not my first time doing this. This is not my first time doing this. This is not my first time doing this. I can do it. But why does it feel so much more difficult than it was two years ago? I must be getting old. Sucks to suck, right?..

The starving millions in North Korea can’t complain about the hunger. I can. They’re trapped in their hunger and can only wait for some good fortune. I’m not. I don’t know how terrible it is for me to say this, but I am incredibly happy to not be North Korean right now. 

It’s been twenty minutes since I woke up from my nap, and I’m glad to have chosen LiNK.


17 Hours Down…16 Hours Left!

I remember that when I did this last year, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I did, of course, get hungry, but it wasn’t extremely unbearable. Maybe my memory served me wrong because I’m starting to get pretty damn hungry…T_T Maybe just because right now is when I usually have dinner. I can’t tell if I’m feeling so tired because of my lack of sleep these past few days or the lack of food. Probably a good combination of the both?

I was so sad this morning when I realized that it was Chili Wednesday today, my favorite lunch of the week! I contemplated getting it and eating it tomorrow when the fasting ends, but I thought that the temptation would be too great if I had it in my hands…

Anyways, good luck to everyone else participating!


First fasting experience…

I accidentally started my fasting a day earlier than we were supposed to so I was done by this morning at 9.

It actually wasn’t that bad until the end. I think because my body got the message that I was set on not eating so I really wasn’t hungry though out the 33 hours. I was extra cold during the whole day because I wasn’t eating anything, therefore no calories, so no heat. And then my hand was slightly shaky last night which I wasn’t sure if it was because I hadn’t eaten anything. This morning was not good. I got up and was…weak? I had trouble moving at a regular pace and when I got back to my room, I was sweating and I thought that maybe I had a fever or something. I still had about an hour until 9am so I was trying to study and my hand was even more shaky that I had trouble writing. The whole morning experience was scary. When I was finally done with the 33 hours, I ate but not a lot because I started to feel sick.

Although I wasn’t starving pretty much through the whole fasting experience, I was able to gain some insights about what it’s like to not have food. How do the people without food function? My body was already breaking down after a day of not eating, and these people go so much longer than that…


Tired and Hungry!

I’m so hungry right now.

Just came back from meeting with an English professor from my freshman and sophomore year. 

Ended up talking about British literature for 1.5 hours. Great catching up and talking with him- always super interesting and super nice- and.. also another 1.5 hrs down.

Funny thing:

I invited Isabelle Zee to eat with me at the deece after class this morning.

Funny yeah? :) especially since I can’t eat…. so I walked into the deece with her and realized as I was going to grab some food that I wouldn’t be able to eat..sad sad day..

Just watched her eating….

Think I might turn on Walking Dead

Zombies ought to turn my stomach off..


So far, so good…

Despite the Bacio’s food I had last night, I woke up this morning feeling pretty hungry, and worried I wasn’t going to be able to get through 23 more hours of not eating. But now, my stomach seems to have gotten the message that it’s not getting food, and so isn’t giving me the same stuff it did around 10:00, when it expected breakfast. Of course, I’m still in the early stages, and the worst is yet to come. Hopefully the hunger won’t interfere too much with the work I have to do…

To my fellow participants, I leave you with a quote from the movie Airplane!: “I just want to tell you…good luck. We’re all counting on you.”


It is finished.

I broke fast 13 hours ago with a slice of pumpkin pie my Korean teacher brought to class.  But, to be honest, having food back in my life isn’t all peaches and cream.  Of course I, thinking myself invincible, consumed a large breakfast of a couple bowls of oatmeal and a waffle with syrup and strawberries and an orange after my class ended at 10.  At around 3 I started getting a stomach ache and did not feel good at all.  I ate some ramen and started feeling better.  But then I ate a big dinner of rice and curry and samosas and naan.  And now I’m feeling sick to my stomach again.  I hope I don’t get sick in the car ride home and I hope I recover in time to enjoy the Thanksgiving feast!

So the fast in general was not a pleasant experience.  I was kind of dreading it the whole time leading up to it and it was a pretty painful experience.  But thinking back on it I don’t think that there’s a word to truly describe the feeling I had.  I don’t think that “pain” was quite the word I would use.  Hunger is something different.  I felt that for me it was kind of in the realm of having a splinter and not being able to get it out.  It wasn’t an acute pain but more something pulling on the back of my head and in the core of my body that I couldn’t get rid of.  It was hard to concentrate and focus on doing my homework (something I have trouble with even without being hungry).  I had a very restless sleep last night and definitely dreamed about breaking my fast but upon waking this morning, I didn’t feel so hungry.  I definitely felt weak, even after just running up a flight of stairs.

Putting this into perspective with North Korea is really hard for me.  We live in two totally different paradigms.  In this season I am definitely thankful for what I have.  But it is a horrible thing that so many people around the world have to deal with hunger on a daily basis.  It’s not fair that we, as Americans, get to waste food and eat more than we need to while others starve.  It’s not just.  It’s not right.

It’s Over!

Congratulations, Famine Participants!

You have completed the 33 Hour Famine!

In honor of last year’s LiNK President, now go enjoy some food porn:


Have a great Thanksgiving!

Babycakes hot mulled cider. Mmmmm.

Babycakes hot mulled cider. Mmmmm.